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Dr Hauscka lemongrass bath oil bottle
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Test : Dr Hauschka Bath Oil

Lemon Lemongrass Bath Essence

Dr Hauschka is probably one of the oldest and most respected organic brands there is. Created in 1967, it’s the result of the alliance between Dr Rudolf Hauschka, who had launched the pharmaceutical society WALA, which specializes in natural assets, in 1935, and the cosmetologist Elisabeth Sigmund, who practiced holistic methods in her beauty salon in the 1950s, before learning even more about plants thanks to a long trip to India.

That’s for the history ! Another aspect of Dr Hauschka is the diversity in the types of products : apart from make-up and usual skin or body care, they also make toothpastes, mouthwashes, bath oils…this last one is what I decided to test !

  • Presentation : A quite simple and classic packaging, and a bottle well filled
  • Smell : very agreable, with a strong lemongrass scent
  • Effect : the skin is slightly softer, but mostly it’s an agreable bath thanks to the smell

If you don’t know how to use the oil, here is a little tip : pour a capful under the stream. Your bath water will give off a subtle lemony smell.

What else to say about Dr Hauschka cosmetics ? They are rather high-end, and so is the price. The plus is, they sell miniatures for several of their products, which allows you to test them 😉