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Benecos body lotion on blue background
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Test : Benecos body lotion apricot and elderflower

bene (good) cos(metic)

Yes, that’s where the name comes from. And that’s not a lie, this is a good cosmetic !

Essential for a body lotion, the smell is pleasant : fruity and flowery, what a delicacy ! Provided that you like the smell of apricots, which is quite present 😉

The texture is more “milky” than “creamy” : no need to use much, and spread it well. From the moment you do, it leaves a pleasant feeling of freshness. The lotion penetrates the skin rapidly and leaves it feeling soft.

It has a good moisturizing effect, especially for drier skins, for others you’d probably need to use scarcely any lotion !

Moreover, it’s a good value for money : about 7€/150ml, certified organic and vegan.

In conclusion : tested and approved ! Nota bene : the smell being quite strong, I personnally don’t use it on the entire body, but I love it for the summer, to use on the legs when I get out of the shower !!