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How does a consultation work ?

The consultations take place online, directly from your home, through a video chat.

The first consultation is always an “assessment”, where we take a bit longer to review your health history and the reason(s) why you’re consulting.

Following this, you receive an e-mailwith personalized advice.

Although there is no obligation, it is better to do a cure, with one or more follow-up consultation(s), in order to see the evolution of your situation and give you complementary advice. These follow-up consultations can be more or less spaced in time, depending on your needs and feelings.

Furthemore, I also offer consultation for a specific problem : those are useful for a person who already know naturopathy, and only has a slight health issue they wish to cure in a natural way.

For example : you have a wart, sore, sinusitis ? Following a short consultation, I will send you a list of natural remedies that can help : essential oils, plants, gemstones, advised foods…

Naturopathy is a complementary medicine, and can be used alongside a medical treatment or other therapies. Always consult your doctor or a specialist, especially in case of a serious and/or chronic disease.


Naturopathy – First appointment : 60€

Naturopathy – Follow-up : 50€

Specific issue consultation : 15€

Bach Flowers consultation : Available soon !

My journey

Naturopathic practicioner certified by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) and International Practioners of Holistic Medecine (IPHM).
Initiation to chromotherapy (Virtued Academy)
Bach Flower practicioner
Practicioner in aromatherapy

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