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  • Shampooing Biothalys miel et épices dans une corbeille
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    Test : Shampoo Honey and spices by Biothalys

    A soft shampoo that smells like nature Let us start at the beginning with the label : Biothalys cosmetics. It’s a French label created in 2010 by the laboratories Phytogénèse. There’s not much more I can tell you. I couldn’t find an official website or social networks…and the lab’s website…

  • Aloe plant in pink flower pot with grey background
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    Aloe Vera, miracle plant In use since ancient times, by Mayas and Egyptians among others, aloe vera is considered by many as a miracle plant. It contains tons of minerals and vitamins : zinc, calcium; iron, potassium, phosphor, vitamins A, B and 5…And even though it originated in tropical regions,…

  • Dr Hauscka lemongrass bath oil bottle
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    Test : Dr Hauschka Bath Oil

    Lemon Lemongrass Bath Essence Dr Hauschka is probably one of the oldest and most respected organic brands there is. Created in 1967, it’s the result of the alliance between Dr Rudolf Hauschka, who had launched the pharmaceutical society WALA, which specializes in natural assets, in 1935, and the cosmetologist Elisabeth…

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    Test : Hemp mask by Sephora

    Hemp-based products, fashion trend or real benefits ? Yes, even the global Sephora sells a hemp-based product, this anti blemish mousse mask : And since I’m wondering about this type of products (read this article about it), I decided to test it. The problem with Sephora products is that they’re…

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    Affordable BB Cream : Avril vs Benecos

    To be done with the idea that organic is expensive, I decided to put to the test two BB creams sold between 8€ and 10€ ! A few words about the brands Avril is a french brand created in 2012 and Benecos a german brand created in 2010. The secret…