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Aloe plant in pink flower pot with grey background
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Aloe Vera, miracle plant

In use since ancient times, by Mayas and Egyptians among others, aloe vera is considered by many as a miracle plant. It contains tons of minerals and vitamins : zinc, calcium; iron, potassium, phosphor, vitamins A, B and 5…And even though it originated in tropical regions, it can adapt to other climates et grows perfectly well inside, asking for little care.

Here are a few of its benefits :


With its soothing and healing effects, you can apply it on burns, bug bites, skin irritations…

  • It’s anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.
  • Good for the intestines, it helps with digestion.
  • Studies on diabetes have shown that aloe could lower glucose and cholesterol levels.


Excellent for the skin, aloe vera fights skin ageing, nourishes it and helps rebalancing its pH.

  • Its astringent properties make it the perfect ingredient against oily skins.
  • Highly moisturizing, this plant is perfect in day or night creams !
  • Its gel can also be used in hair cares.

You can easily harvest the gel for your plant, and use in your cooking, as a remedy or in your homemade cosmetics.

Furthermore, it’s pretty !