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Affordable BB Cream : Avril vs Benecos

To be done with the idea that organic is expensive, I decided to put to the test two BB creams sold between 8€ and 10€ !

A few words about the brands

Avril is a french brand created in 2012 and Benecos a german brand created in 2010. The secret to their low prices ? They reduce the packaging to a minimum and don’thave a brand ambassador to promote them.

Benecos : BB Cream 8 in 1 – fair

Avril : BB Cream light shade, SPF 10

That’s for the components ! For the test itself, I noted five elements, and here are the results :

  • Presentation : the Avril tube is a 100% classic, from the shape to the colors, which gives and impression of simplicity and authenticity ; the Benecos tube is more original, an iridescent light purple with their logo translucide.
  • Smell : very important for any cream, the smell is in both cases agreable, a good point !
  • Texture : here we find a pronounced difference between the Avril BB cream, more fluid, and the Benecos one which has a more “sticky” texture, which makes it less easy to put on.
  • Covering : they both cover the skin fairly well, I wasn’t disappointed at all (especially for light shades !). There might be a very slight difference in regard to the dark shados undereye which are better covered with Avril.
  • Removal : tested with a reusable spong cloth and cleansing milk, both creams were removed easily.

CONCLUSION : Yes, we can buy a quality organic BB cream for less than 10€ 🙂 ! My vote goes to the one by Avril, I like the texture better.